Frequently Asked Questions

My screening room is not listed? (How do I add a screening room?) Mar 22, 2017

If your screening room is not listed, email or call.


phone: 818-835-1711 ^top

Benefits to a paid subscriber. May 24, 2007

Here are the benefits of membership to Below the Line Screening Room Finder:

Members have the ability to edit and maintain their information, as well as the information about the features of each of their screening rooms. Plus, only members’ detailed information is searchable in the advanced search. For example, if your screening room has a digital projector, that information will be found by an Academy consultant or director only if you are a member.

Below the Line will continually support Screening Room Finder. We will run ads in every issue of our paper promoting the site. This will start with the June issue, which will have an ad introducing Subsequent issues will feature prominent display advertising.

Below the Line Screening Room Finder will reserve additional advanced search capabilities and other features for certain professional users, including members of the Directors Guild of America (DGA), UPMs, some producers, and editors.

In addition, members of several other associations, organizations and guilds will have links and privileged Professional User registration with Screening Room Finder. These include the Directors Guild of Canada, Local 700 (the U.S. local for motion picture editors), Film LA (formerly EIDC), and the California Film Commission. Additional organizations may be added in the future.

As capabilities are added to Screening Room Finder, members will automatically be able to take advantage of them. For example, many of our current members have requested that we let them post the dates when their screening rooms are available for booking. As this feature is implemented, all our members will be able to use it.

We are confident that Below the Line Screening Room Finder will change the industry. Having all the screening rooms in the world listed in one place makes the job of finding just the right screening room infinitely easier.

To become a member, call 818-507-2739 or email .

What is Below the Line Screening Room Finder? May 24, 2007

Below the Line Screening Room Finder is an innovative way of searching for screening rooms via a richer set of information, like size, geographical location and a whole host of other relevant features.

Not every data field is searchable yet - we're adding that functionality soon as our database grows. ^top

Advanced Search - why is it limited? May 24, 2007

Advanced Search is limited to the following:


We will continue to monitor and modify when necessary.

How do I update my screening room’s information? May 24, 2007

Paid members can update information themselves. ^top

How do I buy an advanced listing? May 24, 2007

Please contact our sales representative at 818-507-2739 or email . ^top

How much does it cost for a screening room owner to add additional information? May 24, 2007

Below the Line Screening Room Finder charges a flat $100 per address per year (that's 0.29 cents per day!!!). For example, if you had a 3 separate screening rooms but they were all at the same address, you would pay $300 per year. Participating screening room registrants have complete access to manage their own data (on-line and from anywhere in the world). The amount of additional information and features as it relates to your screening room is unlimited.

Additionally, Below the Line Screening Room Finder will continue to add additional features and options without charging any additional fees through the length of your contract. ^top

Why register? May 24, 2007

Once qualified industry professionals (including Academy consultants, directors, and some producers) are registered, they will be able to access advanced searches, additional proprietary information, and record notes on the margin. ^top

How much does it cost to register? Jun 24, 2007

Registration is free for qualified industry professionals. ^top

Who can register? May 24, 2007

Anyone who professionally utilizes screening room information, specifically seating capacity and specific screen room information (like whether a screening room has a digital projector). ^top

Why can't I use the advanced search? May 24, 2007

Advanced search features are reserved for registered industry workers. See "How do I register?" ^top

I found the screening room I want but there is no contact information. Why? May 24, 2007

Below the Line's goal is to list every screening room in the world with its rooms, seats and screen size free of cost. Screening room owners will have the option of purchasing additional space to provide further information such as phone numbers, contact persons, and web site. ^top

I'm looking for screens at a certain screening room but it says no screens listed. Why? May 24, 2007

The owner of the screening room hasn't added any. ^top